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pianomap : Andover Educators

Barbara Conable

Andover Educators was founded by Barbara Conable, a nationally-famous teacher of the Alexander Technique. Barbara worked for many years with injured musicians of all kinds, acquiring first-hand knowledge of the extent and seriousness of the problem of musicians' injuries. She also knew that accurate anatomical knowledge and the technique of Body Mapping could prevent and cure injury in the majority of cases. But this knowledge, vital for all musicians, has not been part of traditional music teaching. Few teachers (and few medical doctors, for that matter) can provide the help an injured musician needs. To remedy this situation Barbara founded Andover Educators, a network of teachers dedicated to putting music education on a sound somatic (or "physical") foundation. Each Andover Educator is trained to present the six-hour course What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body and to apply and teach principles of free, non-injurious motion at his or her own instrument.

Thomas Mark, creator of Pianomap, is a Certified Andover Educator based in Portland, OR. His course "What Every Pianist Need to Know about the Body" is an adaptation specifically for pianists of Barbara's course for musicians. There are Certified Andover Educators in several parts of the country. You can learn more about Andover Educators, including names and schedules of teachers, by going to the Andover Educator website.

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