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pianomap : Robert Durso

Robert Durso is a remarkable teacher, one of the finest instructors of the Taubman Approach to piano playing. He attended Peabody Conservatory, and graduated from Indiana University and Temple University. He studied the Taubman Approach with Dorothy Taubman and Edna Golandsky, and was for many years on the faculty of the Taubman Institute of Piano. Since the dissolution of the Taubman Institute, he has been a Senior Director of the Golandsky Institute, which carries on the work of Dorothy Taubman. In addition , he worked closely with Rosalyn Tureck and is Director of Educational Materials for the Tureck/Bach Institute.

In his teaching, Robert Durso has a remarkable ability to identify the precise information that will be of most value to the student, and to explain and demonstrate the information in such a way as to give the student a new experience which becomes the basis for the student to make further progress independently. As a man he is remarkable for his sense of humor and his insight into human nature, qualities which inform his teaching also.

Robert Durso lives and teaches in Philadelphia, PA.

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