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Thomas Mark teaches piano in Portland, Oregon, offering lessons, consultations, and workshops to anyone wishing to improve in piano playing, and also to injured pianists and teachers. His teaching rests on a rare combination of skills.

Having studied the Taubman Approach to piano technique, Tom can teach the Taubman movements where appropriate, and draw on Dorothy Taubman's insights into the efficient relationships of fingers, hands and forearms. In addition, as a Certified Andover Educator, he sees piano technique in relation to the entire body and uses Body Mapping to show students how awareness and proper use of back, shoulders, arms, and torso enhance and facilitate playing. This approach permits injured pianists to recover from injury, and enables all pianists, injured or not, to improve dramatically.

Tom teaches pianists of all ages and skill levels. Most of his students are adults; some are injured, some are teachers themselves, some are professionals. Many are private individuals who simply wish to improve their playing and increase their enjoyment in making music. All are delighted at the progress they can make with Tom's approach, especially compared to traditional methods.

Send Tom an email to arrange for lessons or a consultation.

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