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pianomap : Piano Wellness Seminar

The Piano Wellness Seminar, held annually in late July and early August, was founded in 2000 by pianist/teacher Sheila Paige. The seminar aims to present information of value to pianists seeking efficient, injury-free playing, even when this information is not normally part of traditional teaching. The seminar typically includes presentations on such topics as piano technique, Alexander Technique, Body Mapping, and massage therapy.

Sheila Paige is an accomplished pianist and teacher with a special gift for working with injured pianists, many of whom she has restored to full playing. Having been injured herself, she brings compassion as well as knowledge to her work. Before founding the Piano Wellness Seminar she was for more than twenty years a faculty member of the Taubman Institute of Piano. In addition to the summer seminar she offers workshops and private lessons in several major cities. Her webpage has information about locations and dates of her teaching and workshops.

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