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pianomap : Philosophy of Piano Playing

"Philosophy of Piano Playing: Reflections on the Concept of Performance" is a paper by Thomas Carson Mark published in March, 1981 in Philolsophy and Phenomenological Research. The paper examines the relationship between an artwork in a performing art such as music and a performance of that same work, using an extended analogy with the relationship between quoting and asserting in language. The paper argues that when a performer--Horowitz, say--performs a work by Chopin there are two artworks present. One is an instance of the musical work by Chopin and the other is the performance, which is an artwork in its own right, by Horowitz. Click on the title below to read the entire paper.

Philosophy of Piano Playing

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Because of the imperfections of scanning the paper into PDF format, the text may appear a bit fuzzy. You may find it easier to read if you "zoom in" on the display.

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